Mobile Safety Tips : Safeguard your device

Mobile Phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. They are not only used for calling and texting, but also used for listening to Music, playing games, taking pictures and to stay connected to the internet on the go.

We all love our devices but we need to follow some Mobile safety rules to safeguard our devices either from being stolen or from becoming targets of malicious attacks.

Install Security Software : Just like you install AntiVirus to safeguard your PC; your mobile phone also requires a good AntiVirus to prevent it from being viruses and malicious attacks.

Keep your device locked : Keep your keypad locked with a secret PIN or code. Enable PIN(PIN1)/PIN2/PUK(PUK1)/PUK2 Code on your device to prevent misuse of your SIM card and device. Always check out default PIN code from your Service Provider because you need to change this code to a code of your choice, to prevent un-authorised access to your SIM card (for PIN/PIN1). Make sure you remember this code. PIN2 code gives you the options like call barring or fixed dialing. This enables you to modify your telephone numbers and you will be allowed to make calls only on those numbers. Incase, you enter the wrong PIN/PIN1 code thrice in a row. You will need to enter the PUK code. Get in touch with your operator, to obtain the PUK code because if you enter the wrong PUK code 9 times, then your SIM will be de-activated and you need a replacement SIM. PUK2 code allows you to unlock your SIM if you have entered the wrong PIN2 code thrice in a row. However, if you fail to enter the correct PUK2 code, the services towards your SIM card won’t be barred but you won’t be able to enjoy Call barring and fixed dialing facilities.

Maintain Backups : It is recommended that you regularly take a backup off the data which is present on your Phone.

What if you lost your Mobile Phone ?

Get in touch with your service your service provider and ask them block all the services towards your SIM card to prevent un-authorised access. Then, contact your nearest Police Station and lodge a FIR for the same with complete details like, Make and Model of your Handset, IMEI number, location (where you lost your Handset) and your contact details and insist for an acknowledgement. Now, obtain a duplicate SIM card from your Service Provider by showing them the acknowledgment. It is recommended that you activate the Mobile Tracker feature on your phone (may depended on your handset) as it helps to track down your device. Once, you enable this feature you will be notified on SIM change via SMS.

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