TRAI’s website under DDoS attack for publishing email IDs of those who supported net neutrality

The twitter handle (@opindia_revenge) has claimed the responsibility for taking down TRAI’s website after the regulator published the e-mails along with email IDs of those persons who voiced for Net Neutrality in India.


The regulator had received about over 11 lakh e-mails favoring support of net neutrality. Post publishing those emails with their email IDs, the social media flooded with posts against the regulator as this move had made the users more vulnerable to spamming.

TRAI has also invited for counter arguments will be accepted until May 8, after which TRAI’s regulations will be formalised. But it’s important to note that TRAI can only make recommendations to the government and aren’t binding.

The website was taken down at about 4PM. While composing this story, the website of TRAI is still down i.e, the website has already suffered more than 5 hours of downtime. The twitter handle claims that the website was taken down by inducing a DDoS- Denial of Distributed service attack.



UPDATE : The Website of TRAI is accessible as on April 27, 2015 at 21:45 Hours

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