ITU defines 5G network speed; to offer speeds of up to 20Gbps

5gAnother generation of cellular network, 5th Generation Standard of mobile networking has been preliminary defined by the International Telecom Union (ITU). We have seen the introduction of a new generation of mobile network in every decade since the first 1G system, which was introduced in 1981. The first 2G and 3G systems appeared in 1992 and 2001 respectively. 4G systems were standardized in 2012.

Before we start discussing about the 5th Generation Standard of mobile networking, let’s glance through the previous standards of mobile networking. Mobile Telephony networking standard with 0G or Zero Generation which was later succeeded by 1G or 1st Generation; which was an analogue telecommunication standard. The same was replaced by the introduction of a digital communication network, 2G in the 1980’s which led to the introduction of data services for mobile phones.



As per the decision taken by the ITU, 5G complaint networks will have to offer data speeds of upto 20 Gbit/s. The network should also be able to provide more than 100 Mbit/s of average data transmission to over 1 Million Internet – of – Things device within a radius of 1 sq. km.

5G will be formally known as IMT – 2020 and is expected to roll out from 2020 and the Korean authorities are trying their level best to demo 5G technology at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.


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