TRAI to Seek Specific Replies from Respondants on Differential Pricing for Data Services

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has extended the deadline for submission of comments and counter comments till January 7, 2016 and January 14, 2016, respectively.


TRAI has released a consultation paper on ‘Differential Pricing for Data Services’ on December 9, 2015. The Consultation paper had sought comments along with their justification from Internet users on the following questions :

Question 1: Should the TSPs be allowed to have differential pricing for data usage for accessing different websites, applications or platforms?

Question 2: If differential pricing for data usage is permitted, what measures should be adopted to ensure that the principles of nondiscrimination, transparency, affordable internet access, competition and market entry and innovation are addressed?





Question 3. Are there alternative methods/technologies/business models, other than differentiated tariff plans, available to achieve the objective of providing free internet access to the consumers? If yes, please suggest/describe these methods/technologies/business models. Also, describe the potential benefits and disadvantages associated with such methods/technologies/business models?

Question 4: Is there any other issue that should be considered in the present consultation on differential pricing for data services?

The regulator has received more than 18 lakhs responses, of which a 78.49% were about supporting Free Basics without answer the questions of the consultation paper. The Authority has requested them to answer the questions raised in the consultation paper.

R. S. Sharma (TRAI chairman) has said that the regulator has received only 3.81 lakh comments favoring Net Neutrality.

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