Airtel launches ‘Dual Carrier’ technology, promises 4G-like speeds even on 3G networks

India’s leading Telecom Operator Bharti Airtel upgrade its mobile network in Delhi – NCR region. Airtel has deployed ‘Dual Carrier’ technology to combine the spectrum capacities of two 5MHz carriers in the 2100 MHz band and becomes the first mobile operator to deploy ‘Dual Carrier’ technology in Delhi – NCR.

“The highlight of ‘Dual Carrier’ technology deployment is that customers will be able to enjoy 4G like data speeds even when they are on 3G. The technology will also help in optimising the back-end engagement between the network and mobile devices, enabling customers to enjoy extended battery life on their mobile devices,” the company said in a statement.

The upgrade will significantly boost the network capacity for voice and data services; and would enhance overall network experience through improved stability and coverage, both indoors and outdoors

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